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We are happy to announce the brand Katarina Waldenström in our showroom.

I have always looked for clothes that touch me and bring out my true personality. I have set my own requirements to use as a starting point and I have tried to create clothes with a nice feel to the body. 
When you put them on, I want you to feel beautiful, strong and natural. What you will love about them is that you can wear these clothes on so many different occasions – on the yoga mat, on the couch at home, on a trip or when you decide to dress casually and go downtown. The colours, the perfect fit and the high-quality make it easy to choose the right article for you. The combination possibilities are endless. When you put on the clothes later, you cannot help but notice the peaceful feeling the clothes bring. They make you feel calm and relaxed. You do not have to act now, you just have to be you. You feel free from all outside expectations, you feel very feminine and strong – on the inside too. 
You feel good all the way down to your very soul.
From me to you.

Katarina Waldenström – New brand